Wise (and borrowed) words

When I was younger (Oh my god, am I really typing this?), I disliked people who spend their time reciting the words of other more or less known people. After all, repeating the words of Albert Einstein does not automatically make you any more intelligent. So what sense is there in acting like a parrot?

Make up your own great words!

However, now I am slowly beginning to realize that – given the right circumstances – there might be some sense in citing great minds after all.

Firstly, citing a great person gives your argument more weight. Over the years, I have witnessed quite a few shallow presentations being fired up with a crisp “Let us join in the spirit of…”. In the end, (and if you’re lucky) people tend to remember that saying more than the gaps in your argument.
Secondly, reuse is your friend. Why bother with making up something new when there is plenty of pretty good stuff around already?
And finally, let us be honest: How many really good and catchy sayings did you produce over the years? Maybe one and a half? Yeah, that really pays off to fill all the presentations you wanted to end with an inspiring line during that time.

So, to make it short: I am going to put in here some words I have come across. Cheers!