About this blog

Ok, I admit: Not long ago, I was one of the people thinking that blogging is a massive waste of time. Well, obviously, I’ve changed my mind…

A few things, that kept me from starting in the first place:

Where do I take the time to write down my thoughts?
What could I possibly contribute something valuable to the Web?
Who will be reading that stuff anyway?

Well, you are reading this page right now, so the last question got obsolete right away.

As for the time to write:
To be honest, I think, I’ll never figure that out. Time is something precious and therefore, I struggle to get time for this blog. But then again, this is a hobby, right? So no pressure!

And concerning the valuable contribution:
Does this really matter? What is a “valuable contribution” anyway? There are so many things on my mind that I need to get out of my head from time to time and this is the place for it.

If you enjoy it: Great! If it’s useful to you: Even better!

Yours sincereley,