Running is a no-brainer

Think back to the last time your mind was completely empty. So empty, you really didn’t think of anything and you just existed?

No, I don’t want you to think of that last college party where you were so drunk, it completely emptied your memory of what happened that night…
Can you remember a moment of complete inner silence and peace? Like, when you walked along a quiet lake, on the middle of a deep forest or maybe even when you sat in your favorite cafe and sipped in that delicious espresso in the sun…

The reason for asking you this: In my experience, it gets harder and harder to reach that state of mind nowadays. We are so used to ‘stay tuned’, to communicate and to always think two steps ahead that most of us may even have forgotten how to really empty their minds.
But think back of when you were young: You most certainly have more than one beautiful memory of just lying somewhere, thinking of just…well nothing, nothing at all. Wasn’t that great?

Once you get immersed into the adult life, simply doing nothing becomes difficult… hey, after all, you’re here to work, participate and consume. Our generation is active! We do! And to admit in that context that you like to think of nothing…does not sound that sexy at all.

Here’s my workaround: Tell the world you enjoy to go running. Running, working out, walking, those are good to fill your schedule with activity that sounds sexy and hip.

And here comes the secret: When you then run along your favorite lake, through that quiet forest or across a wide grass land, take a deep breath, feel the ground beneath your feet, take in the view and…simply enjoy perfect emptiness of mind.