Running is addictive

Yes, I admit: I am addicted to running. If someone had told me a few years ago that I would write this sentence down in a blog, I most certainly would have had a good long laugh. But, well, it is true now.

There are days, I cannot wait to get home, put my shoes on and run for an hour. I even had to agree on a rule not to go running more than three to four times a week just to convince my wife, I stay on the healthy side of amateur sports.

But hey, I honestly believe that everyone has her or his own kind of addiction. People drink, smoke, eat, buy or over-engage in whatever activities are out there. I even think it is deeply human to indulge into vice every now and then. For example, I used to smoke a pipe every now and then.
After running became the new routine smoking stopped completely.
And, folks, it feels great to have found the one addiction that doesn’t ruin your health…at least not so easily…

Pace yourself. Run responsibly.