Dreaming of a white Christmas…

This christmas is awesome. Not just because of family gatherings and cool gifts, but because of the weather. Around here, we were approaching 18 degrees Celsius where, in the old days, we wouldn’t have been surprised by minus 18 degrees. A runner cannot hope for better weather these days, right?

Wrong! I want back the chilling cold!

Let alone the fact that these signs of Global Warming are more than disturbing, there are some purely personal things I miss for Christmas:

Where is the wind that makes my hair freeze? Where is the snow that takes away all but the sound of one’s own breath? Where are the glittering plains of white only disturbed by the traces of deer that ran there during the night? Where is the ice that makes the usual, dull evening run a thrilling, bone-crushing adventure.

Ok, I guess it all will arrive sometime in April 2016, right?

But, hey, let’s be honest: It is nice to see the sun rise above green hills and misty valleys while running along in a light shirt. And it’s nice to see children playing with their gifts out on the street on an ice-free Christmas morning.

It surely is different, but it’s still got that special warm Christmas feeling. And that’s what counts.

So, have a merry Christmas everyone!