Jogging is all about the moment

While jogging, I’m quite focused. I only contentrate on the patch of road that stretches out for a few meters ahead.

I don’t really care about how far I’ll have to go on – mostly because that thought is intimidating most of the time and doesn’t help at all to keep my pace. On the contrary, I’ve found it harder to complete a track, when I thought about the remaining distance right from the start.

Of course, it usually doesn’t hurt to have an idea on how far you’ve gone while jogging. Especially, if you want to get back home somehow. And it’s always good to think about your tour in advance, so you don’t overwork yourself. I’m not making another case for stepping out of your front door here.

What I want to say is that while jogging, you shouldn’t be too concerned on how far or where you go. Let your feet carry you, step by step. And most of the time you’ll get much farther than you expected.

That approach has suited me not only while jogging, but in almost every other situation where persistence was needed. Take any lengthy project, for example. Of course, you’ll need to have a plan on what to do over the whole course of the project. But once that plan is made, there are plenty of small steps to make in order to get the project done. And most of these steps don’t benefit from you getting nervous, just because you think of what other steps lie ahead of you to complete the project.

In this respect, Jogging has given me a vital piece of job advice on every single step I make:

Stay focused on the moment. Concentrate on making on step after the other. In the end, you will get much farther than expected.