Running is escape

Most certainly, you’ve also had that thought sometime:  “I need to get out of here!”. And well, probably then you should. There may be plenty of get aways to choose from: Short prestigious breaks in London or New York, romantic trips to Paris or Vienna or simply a stay at a cozy hotel somewhere near.

I tell you, keep your money and just take a step out of your front door…

Luckily,I have never had to really escape from anything. I mean,not in the sense that my life depended on it. I mean, not physically, anyway, and that is something I am very grateful for.
Nonetheless I know a thing or two about escapes: I bet that most of us do need a mental escape from time to time. The challenge is to know when that escape is needed.

Those situations can arise in many ways:
For example, when you are busy working and slowly, day after day, focusing seems to be harder than the one before.
Or there suddenly is this overwhelming urge to just get the hell out of here.

The good news is: when you’re into running, an escape route is just outside the door. And sometimes, running away (for some time, at least) is the best solution to it all.

Do you feel angry as hell? Run like hell!
Do you feel run down? Run up to speed!