Credits to the unknown shoemaker…

Dear maker of my recent pair of running shoes,

Thank you for providing my feet with ample support.
Thank you for helping me to run happily for more than a thousand kilometers.
Thank you for that special reinforcements around the ankles.
Thank you for the great traction on every terrain.
Thank you for making these shoes stable enough to carry me home even after the sole started to fall apart (20 km from home…).

Thank you for providing us with new shoes to replace the old ones.
Thank you for adding additional support for my funny way of running.
Thank you for that crazy shoe color.
Thank you for having these shoes available whenever we need them.

Thank you for doing what we ourselves cannot do anymore.
Thank you for being our shoemaker…

Others’ thoughts on running: Columbia students

This is a very nice article about the benefits and challenges of running. Written from the perspective of eager students that make their way in a big city’s university.

…In nature, we watch the seasons change; they see grey, and we see green become yellow, become brown, become nothing. The cracks of our shoes are filled with dried up mud, the windy river air crashes imposingly against our chapped faces…

A very nice picture you paint there, Ms. Jacobovitz!

Read the full article here: Just run it: Jogging Columbia students