A break from running: Peter’s traveling¬†

Today, I’m traveling to the U.S. This is my first flight with Lufthansa: The airline that my dad is so very fond of.¬† So far, I can’t back up his high thoughts for this big German airline. The entertainment system on my seat is defective, the cabin is more than crowded and we’re late one and a half hours without even leaving the airport gate.

The way to the airport was much more effective, but all in all the journey so far turned out to be a reminder of what I value so much about running. Just to be clear, I’m thankful for the opportunity to go to the U.S. after a few years of not traveling by plane at all. But you know, it’s always more fun to complain. And after sitting in this cabin without moving for over and hour now, I have some thoughts on my mind. And since I’m embarking on a ten-hour flight with nothing else to do (TV’s broken, remember?), I gladly share these with you in full detail…

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