What is thought is not yet said…

There is one quote that I think of almost daily. It is attributed to the Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz (1903 – 1989) who, based on these great lines, might have made a pretty good project manager as well…

What is thought is not yet said,
what is said is not properly heard,
what is heard is not properly understood,
what is understood is not always accepted,
what is accepted is not always applied,
what is applied is not always kept.

‘Get there’ project management

I recently took my running shoes out for a walk and I thought about work.
I’ve been having quite a few discussions about project management over the years and I still try to figure out what are the key factors for good projects.
My route took me to a stunning view over the Black Forest and the Rhine river. Far away on the horizon one could see the next range of hills. They were almost hidden in the mist, but I could not help thinking of how the view might be, standing on one of those distant hilltops.

And suddenly, there was my analogy to what project management is about.

Ok, I admit that may seem a little far-fetched, but let me explain…

The start of project “Get there”

Let us assume we are a whole group of people, standing where I stood and enjoying that view.  Someone, call him The Visionary, suddenly bursts out “Let us get there!”. And he clarifies his vision by adding: “I see large benefit for us in standing on that distant hilltop. So I want everyone to work on a way to get us there by next month, because after that, the best time in the year for viewing the landscape is over.”

And there you have it: The start of project “Get there”.

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